Embrace Life

Get dirty, clean up, and repeat with premier cleaning products
that let the Earth impact you. Not the other way around. 


Soforo, an active ingredient in our products, is made from natural sources and safely cleans nearly any item that needs it.


Soforo has an incredibly high cleaning power, giving you the clean you need no matter what mess you get into.


Our products use readily biodegradable Soforo as an active ingredient, and packaged using post consumer recycled materials.

Soforo is our patented cleaning agent made from the Earth, for the Earth. While most cleaning agents are petroleum based, Soforo is a plant based product engineered to provide a powerful clean while remaining readily biodegradable.

Borneo Conservation Trust

Palm tree plantations are commonly created in order to harvest the palm oils used in many household products worldwide. As a result, many areas, like the lush forests of Borneo, have become threatened by deforestation in recent decades.

To combat this, Happy Elephant only uses sustainably sourced palm oils, and works hand in hand with the Borneo Conservation Trust. In doing so, we're protecting migratory routes and the incredible biodiversity of the region.