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These aren’t ordinary household cleaning products. They’re better for you, better for your home, and better for the planet.

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Our Newest Technology

A brand created by combining the newest technology in bio-fermentation with the sustainable procurement of raw materials, defending the environment and human rights in Borneo.

Protect the Eco System

With the Borneo elephant at the top of the ecosystem, we are working on several fronts to ensure protect their eco-system.


Happy Elephant is a proud partner of the Borneo Conservation Trust, donating 1% of sales to help preserve the lush rainforests of Borneo.

Many of these lands are at risk to deforestation due to the harvesting of palm oil. To further help the cause, we’re active in the trust’s Green Corridor initiative, which helps preserve migratory pathways for the incredible biodiversity found within.

That’s a cause big enough to make an elephant smile!

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