A Powerful Clean Without Dirtying Earth

Wake up, get out there, clean up, and do it all over again. Spontaneity is the beauty of life, so we make premier cleaning products allowing you to be carefree. The clean comes from a readily biodegradable ingredient to help give Earth the joy it provides to us. The fun comes from you.

Story of Soforo

Natural Power

Most cleaning products, like soaps and detergents, have a dirty little secret: they’re petroleum based. So while they may clean your clothes, hands, or dishes, they’re dirtying Earth. The scientists and engineers behind Happy Elephant looked to create something from the Earth, for the Earth, that still provides the powerful clean you need. The result? Soforo.

How It's Made


Yeast is added to a highly specified ratio of palm oil and sugar. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, further offsetting any environmental impacts.


Yeast naturally consumes the palm oil and sugar over a specified period of time in a controlled environment.


The result is a powerful cleaning agent that can be used as the active ingredient in a variety of products to provide a powerful clean.


Soforo, the active ingredient in our products, is made from natural sources that safely clean nearly any item that needs it.


Soforo has an incredibly high cleaning power, giving you the clean you need no matter what mess you get into.


Products use readily biodegradable Soforo is an active ingredient, and packaged using post consumer recycled materials.

Ingredients Sourced for Continued Growth

It’s not enough to simply create Soforo naturally. The ingredients are Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certified, meaning they’re sustainably sourced in the manner Mother Nature approves of.