Fabric Softener


Wrapped in clean comfort makes life easier. Our readily biodegradable ingredient was designed to produce clothes so soft you’ll wonder how you ever felt comfort from anything else. Clean, refreshing scents are also infused to provide an extra layer of relaxation. What are you waiting for? Comfort is a wash away.

Our secret is Soforo: a powerful, natural cleaning agent. Providing the clean we need, while remaining biodegradable. Acting fiercely on stains and spills, without the chemical sensation of other cleaning agents. Letting you celebrate life, however you choose. 

Available Sizes: 64fl oz (2QT) 1.9L, 64 loads per bottle

Our Ingredients

Water, Esterquat, Fragrance, Lactic Acid, Calcium Chloride, Hydrolyzed Palm Sophorolipids (Soforo).

Readily biodegradable


Sustainably sourced. Created from nature, for nature.


New to fabric softeners? Don’t worry, it’s a breeze! For best results, use in conjunction with Happy Elephant Laundry Detergent.

Product is concentrated, simply fill cap to line to achieve desired results.

1. Locate dedicated softener dispenser tray found in most modern washing machines.

2. Load softener into dedicated dispenser. at same you load Happy Elephant Laundry Detergent. Activate wash cycle.

If you do not have an automatic softener dispenser, first load Happy Elephant Laundry Detergent and activate wash.

For best results, wait until "rinse" cycle begings before adding Happy Elephant Fabric Softener.

3. Dry, and snuggle up! Your clothes are soft enough to handle all the adventures life throws at you! 

We Want You to Ask Questions

Seriously. Our team of experts have answers.

What is the difference between softener and detergent? When should I use each?

Detergent removes the dirt while softener protects your clothes. Think of it like shampoo and conditioner and use both for the best treatment.

What is Soforo?

Our natural cleaning agent is produced through fermentation using palm oil, sugar, and yeast. The result provides a powerful clean while remaining readily biodegradable.

Are Happy Elephant Products Eco-Friendly?

Due to being a natural byproduct from yeast, Soforo excels in biodegradability, quickly returning to the earth. After use, Soforo, which is completely biodegradable, breaks down into water and carbon dioxide.

What is a bio-surfactant?

When added to water, surfactants reduce surface tension, allowing them to trap dirt and remove it from the cleaning surface. A bio-surfactant is created at the microbial cell surface (in our case, through fermentation of yeast), which makes it a natural cleaning agent.