Happy Elephant Sales Support the

Green Corridor Initiative

Deforestation has led to the loss of the migratory routes for native animals across Borneo. Palm oil plantations have cut off access to areas that animals like elephants and orangutans need to thrive, leading to loss of biodiversity. 

Our partnership with the Borneo Conservation Trust created the Green Corridor Initiative to combat this issue. The program purchases, and preserves, large tracts of land along the Kinabatangan River, creating accessible pathways for flora and fauna to continue to thrive. Nine parcels of land have already been purchased, with many more to come. 

To further help wildlife access their historical territories, suspension bridges are created to provide pathways across the large river. By providing access to more lands, we’re helping maintain and foster the biodiversity that makes Borneo such a unique region. 

Every Happy Elephant purchase helps contribute to the initiative, letting you get clean while letting wild thrive! 

Wildlife Bridges

We partner with local fire departments to create sturdy suspension bridges from their recycled firehoses. Firehoses create a sturdy, yet flexible, pathway for the animals while lowering waste through the reuse of hoses which would otherwise be headed to landfill.