Borneo Conservation Trust

Giving back to the planet that provides

A large animal. A bigger impression.

The journey to create Happy Elephant began by following some giant footsteps to a disheartening scene. We found an elephant with an injured trunk stuck in a man-made trap in the lush jungles of Borneo. The trap was set to prevent elephants from disturbing a palm tree plantation, grown to harvest the palm oil used in many soaps. This large discovery pushed us to pursue even larger actions.


Happy Elephant is a proud partner of the Borneo Conservation Trust (BCT), donating 1% of sales to help preserve the lush rainforests of Borneo.

Green Corridor Initiative

Our partnership with the Borneo Conservation Trust created the Green Corridor Initiative to combat deforestation. The program purchases, and preserves, large tracts of land along the Kinabatangan River, creating accessible pathways for flora and fauna to continue to thrive. Ten parcels of land have already been purchased, with many more to come.

Every Happy Elephant purchase helps contribute to the initiative, letting you get clean while letting wildlife thrive!

A step in the right direction

The practice of creating palm tree plantations has led to deforestation throughout the incredibly biodiverse region of Borneo. Primarily to sell palm oils to worldwide manufacturers of cleaning products.

We wanted to do our part in giving back to these lands that give us so much. All palm oils used in Happy Elephant products are sustainably sourced, creating a better planet for all. And as we continue to grow, we'll continue seeking more ways to protect these majestic lands.

Post Consumer Recycled Materials

All bottles are created from recycled materials in order to reduce waste.

Proceeds Towards Borneo Conservation Trust 

The Borneo Conservation Trust was founded to help protecting the lush jungles of Borneo. We’ve committed to donating 1% of sales to help the cause.

Green Corridors Initiative 

In conjunction with the Borneo Conservation Trust, we’re helping create green corridors throughout Borneo to preserve migratory patterns of animals like elephants and orangutans.

Readily Biodegradable Ingredient 

Unlike common petroleum based cleaning products, Soforo is plant based and readily biodegradable, further helping to preserve our lands.