For a cleaner mind, body, and soul.

We don’t clean for what happened. We clean for what’s to come — parties, adventures, and everything in between. Keeping things fresh and clean helps you take on whatever tomorrow’s adventure brings.

To help, we use Soforo to keep you, and the Earth, happy. We’re building up Borneo to ensure the resources that give us so much are here for generations to come. And we're embracing each and every day. Because throughout all life's ups and downs, every moment here is cause for celebration.

Our Beginning

In 2004, we encountered an elephant with an injured trunk in a man made trap. This spurred us to dig deeper, discovering the natural palm oil ingredient used in many cleaning products has led to devastating deforestation to the bio-diverse lands of Borneo.

It’s impossible to learn about this without action, so we founded Happy Elephant. Simply creating Soforo, our readily biodegradable ingredient, wasn’t enough. We had to ensure the ingredients were sustainably sourced. But that’s not enough either. We partnered with the Borneo Conservation trust to create Green Corridors for migratory animals, and are committed to donating 1% of total sales to the cause.

Because if you enjoy the world, you’ll do everything in your power to help it thrive.

Our Roots

Saraya, our parent company, was founded over 70 years ago. It developed products rooted in sustainability long before the practice became trendy. Happy Elephant is the natural continuation of the dedication to a cleaner planet; presenting an eco-friendly alternative for those in North America.

So it’s only natural for us to be proud advocates of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. These strive to ensure the planet is equitable for all, without causing irreparable harm to it. Happy Elephant is a continuation of Saraya’s journey and vision, with new, unique products proudly building a new path on the strong legacy laid before us.


Soforo, the active ingredient in our products, is made from natural sources that safely clean nearly any item that needs it.


Soforo has an incredibly high cleaning power, giving you the clean you need no matter what mess you get into.


Products use readily biodegradable Soforo is an active ingredient, and packaged using post consumer recycled materials.