For a cleaner mind, body and soul.


Happy Elephant was born out of Saraya, USA. A global company founded in 1950s Japan, dedicated to creating a cleaner planet in a myriad of ways. Founded on a belief of sustainability before it became a common vernacular.

As such, we’re naturally strong believers in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which strive to ensure the planet is equitable for all, without causing it irreparable harm. Happy Elephant is a natural continuation of this journey and vision, proud to build a new path on the strong legacy laid before us.


We don’t clean for what happened. We clean for what’s next, and what’s to come. Be it the next birthday party, or dinner with friends, simply staying happy and healthy enough to take on whatever tomorrow’s adventure brings goes a long way towards a happy life.

So we use Soforo to keep you, and the Earth, clean. We’re building up Borneo. To ensure the resources that give us so much are here for generations to come. And we celebrate all there is to life. Because throughout all it’s up and downs, every bit of life is meant to be joyful.


We believe strongly in our mission to create a cleaner Earth. As such, these five pillars help guide everything we do.

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